We look forward to work with the e-commerce players on enhancing the consumer buying experience for ODOP Products: Siddharth Nath Singh, UP MSME Minister… 

There is no denying that E-commerce has played a critical role during the ongoing pandemic for continued economic activity which otherwise would have taken a bigger hit. Speaking at a virtual conference on e-commerce, Sri Siddharth Nath Singh, Hon’ble MSME Minister, Uttar Pradesh pointed out. The minister also remarked that a sustainable model of e-commerce would soon become the need of the hour once the pandemic is over & the brick-and-mortar stores would resume operations. He thanked Flipkart and Amazon for supporting the government during the current times for helping set up an oxygen plant at Prayagraj. Also, remarked that the SMEs of UP should be further encouraged to get on digital platform with training on product branding and packaging. In this direction, the department is keen to work with the e-commerce players on enhancing the consumer buying experience for the ODOP products.

Mr Sanjiv Mittal, Infrastructure & Industrial Development Commissioner, GoUP pointed out that the pandemic has further increased demand for e-commerce as a business avenue and integrated the rural economy with the national economy. He also remarked that the Digital India initiative & support of the banking systems has enhanced digital growth. Sharing that UP alone has almost 16 crore mobile subscribers, he emphasized how huge that state is as a market for e-commerce. He also shared that since the state has now accorded industry status to warehousing & has a lucrative logistic & warehousing policy in place, it is equipped to become a warehousing hub. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of data privacy & consumer protection pointing out that digital disruptions should not compromise on the entrepreneurial setup of the kirana merchants.

Speaking at the conference, Mr CP Gupta, Chairman, CII UP shared that e-commerce business is expected to touch $200 bn by 2026 hence has a huge potential for not just large businesses but small and medium businesses as well to enhance their consumer outreach.

Mr Hasan Yaqoob, Chairman, CII UP E-Commerce Panel mentioned that UP is the largest seller hub in the country & e-commerce is playing an important role in infra building, skill development, economic growth & promoting cashless ecosystem. He also requested the state government to consider e-commerce players to be part of the State Disaster Management Authority owing to their prompt service time & vast outreach.

Mr Vinamra Agarwal, Vice Chairman, CII UP pointed out that MSMEs have the largest role to play for becoming e-adaptive to the digital transformation. Some of the other suggestions which emerged out of the deliberations included request to permit delivery of all goods and incentivizing digital players in the state through tax benefits.


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