By Sandeep Joshi

New Delhi, Jan 21, 2020: Telecom Regulatory  Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman R S Sharma has favoured use of domestically manufactured equipment in core telecom networks where most of the data of users is managed. Speaking at a telecom summit organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce, Sharma said 5G technology is strategic for India and telecom companies should have control over their core network by using domestically manufactured gears.

“5G is important for India from a strategic point of view. Trai has given a recommendation two years back to the government as to why it is important for us to manufacture telecom equipment locally. I think it is strategically important,” Mr Sharma said. He said that the recommendation was given to the government after consulting all stakeholders.

“If you have your core network coming out from somebody else and you don’t understand what’s happening inside. That’s the best way people can get all your information. Therefore, it is strategically important to have control over that,” Mr Sharma said.

He said that company’s might lose control over some peripheral devices, handsets etc but “can’t afford to lose control on the core network of yours”.

The TRAI Chairman said the government, Niti Ayog and all stakeholders must support whatever has to be done from strategic point of view.

“5G is quantum jump over 4G. Time to communicate on 5G is very less. We may not need driverless cars, remote surgery but we certainly need smart cities, smart energy, fixed wireless access and there are many used cases,” Mr Sharma said.

PHD Chamber, Telecom Committee Chairman Sandeep Aggarwal said that India should follow China’s model of buying expensive technology and share it with domestic manufacturers. He said the government can leverage ITI to invest in higher technologies which can be shared with India telecom gear makers to promote high tech manufacturing in the country.

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