By Sandeep Joshi

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 1, 2019: CSC SPV Pvt Ltd has partnered with social networking service company Facebook to train 2.5 lakh women entrepreneurs in digital marketing across the country. Facebook in association with 5,000 women CSC owners will help women in rural areas to leverage from various marketing tools on Facebook to increase their earnings.

“We have created a toolkit for curriculum and training on digital marketing which will create new and exciting opportunities for women entrepreneurs. We also have prepared a safety kit to make FB users, particularly women, about safety of data and its privacy. We do believe that we have a role in bridging massive gender gap in accessing Internet”, said Managing Director, Facebook India, Ajit Mohan.

According to Ajit Mohan: “India has made tremendous success in providing affordable broadband to the citizens. We are impressed with India’s model of the public information distribution system that CSCs have created. Through CSCs, India has witnessed drastic improvement in accessing the government services as well as private sector services.”

CSC CEO Dr. Dinesh Tyagi said, “Our village level entrepreneurs (VLEs) have skills and capabilities and they have proved it time and again. Our tie up with Facebook will create better job opportunities for our women VLEs as well as other women workforce in rural areas. VLEs also do advocacy and campaigning for providing government services to the people and this has created momentum at the local level. CSC not only provide services to the people in rural areas but it also empowers people.”

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