India plans to have a strong data protection law which will force Internet giants to respect people’s privacy. A high-level committee is already working on the issue, and once its report it out a potent data protection law will follow…

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 24, 2017: Narendra Modi Government is all set to bring in a law by early next year whereby all big Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Apple and Chinese UC mobile browser will have to respect privacy of every Indian, and those violating it by leaking data will face ban and severe penalty. As of today these biggies go scot-free in cases of data pilferage/leakage and compromise in privacy issues by taking advantage of weak Indian laws, but by early 2018 all this will change and the law of the land will prevail once the government brings in new data protection law and rules.

According to government sources, the 10-member committee headed by Justice B.N. Srikrishna on data security will present its report by December this year which will pave the way for dealing with issues of data privacy in more stringent and effective manner. Once the data protection law is framed, India will be the second country in the world only after Sweden to have a proper data protection law of its own. Though certain western nations have rules and guidelines for the same, there are no concrete data protection laws.

Today these Internet biggies claim immunity from Indian laws when it comes to cases of data breach and customers’ privacy by claiming that were governed by law of their land. All top US companies have been violating Indian laws when its comes to data leakage or its illegal sharing. But now this will change forever.  Thursday’s judgement of the Supreme Court on privacy law gives further impetus to this issue.

Union Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is personally ensuring that groundwork for data security and its privacy is done well in advance so that once the Justice Srikrishna report is handed over, framing of a potent law should be done without delay. The law/rules to be framed for data protection in India will bring all the big Internet players under its purview and they will not be able to hide behind the veil of their respective domestic laws. Similarly, reports of data theft and leakage by mobile manufacturers is common these day.

An ongoing testing on Chinese mobile UC browser owned by Alibaba at Hyderabad-based C-DAC lab is a testimony of the real threat individuals face today. Reports suggest that Internet and mobile companies share and trade the data of their customers on online market place for hefty amount with gullible clients having no clue. But once the law is in place all such illegal activities will be banned and those violating its will be punished.

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