On the occasion of Reliance Industries Ltd. 40th Annual General Meeting, its Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani showcased how his latest venture — Reliance Jio — is changing the telecom landscape not only in India but globally.

Here are some of the highlights of Reliance Jio’s last 10 months since its launch, and how its latest offering in August — JioPhone — is going to further intensify war of dominance in the Indian telecom space… 

Reliance Jio – RIL’s digital services initiative launched with Rs.2-lakh investment has broken one world record after another.

It’s world’s largest greenfield 4G LTE all-IP network. In terms of Jio’s network rollout, Jio will ensure that India’s 4G coverage will be more than its 2G coverage in the next 12 months

In less than 170 days, more than 100 million (10 crore) customers signed up for Jio’s services. On an average, Jio added 7 customers per second every single day. This was the fastest adoption of any technology service, anywhere in the world. Faster than even Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. Today, Jio has over 125 million (12.5 crore) customers.

Jio redefined technology service adoption and became the fastest growing company in the world, with more than 125 million customers.

Jio users consistently make more than 250 crore minutes of voice and video calls every single day. Jio revolutionized data consumption and made India the number 1 data-consuming nation, globally.

Jio the largest mobile video network — In just 6 months of Jio’s launch, data consumption in India went from 20 crore GB to 120 crore GB per month. Now, Jio customers alone are consuming over 125 crore GB of data every month, including 165 crore hours of high-speed video every month. India has overtaken USA and China in mobile data usage.

Before Jio’s launch, India was 155th in the world in mobile broadband penetration. Now India is number 1 in mobile data consumption and well on its way to becoming number 1 in mobile broadband penetration, in the coming months.

Starting March of this year, Jio successfully undertook the largest migration from free to paid services in history. Today, Jio has more than 100 million paying Jio Prime customers.

India ka Intelligent SmartPhone – JioPhone

A revolutionary device, an unmatched Indian innovation, Made in India, by young Indians and for all Indians. Jio reinvented the conventional feature phone and launched a breakthrough device called the JioPhone that will unleash a Digital Life for every Indian.

JioPhone will be available to all Indians for an effective price of  Rs.0. To protect against misuse of the free JioPhone offer, Jio to collect a fully refundable, one-time, security deposit of Rs.1,500 with every JioPhone. A JioPhone user can use the JioPhone for 36 months, and can get a full refund of the security deposit of Rs.1,500 by returning the used JioPhone. 

Jio making voice free for 50 crore feature phone users. Introducing an unlimited data plan for JioPhone users at only Rs.153 per month. 

On the JioPhone, voice will always be free and its users to have access to unlimited data at Rs.153 per month which can also be availed as a weekly plan for Rs.54 and a 2-day plan for Rs.24. There will be a fair usage policy of half a GB per day, to ensure that bandwidth is fairly apportioned for every user.

Jio engineers have created an innovation — a special and affordable “JioPhone TV cable” that connects JioPhone with any TV so that all JioPhone users can enjoy viewing on the big screen of their existing television sets.

Introducing an innovative JioPhone TV-Cable to help connect the JioPhone to ANY TV for watching your favorite internet content.


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