TRAI has taken the App route to connect with mobile users. It has launched three new mobile applications to get information directly from mobile users about the quality of service (QoS) they are getting from their service providers…

NEW DELHI, JUNE 6, 2017: Telecom regulator TRAI has launched a new appMyCall – that enables subscribers to rate the quality of a phone call.

“The application will help mobile phone users rate their experience about voice call quality in real-time and help Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) gather customer experience data along with network data,” TRAI said in a statement.

After a call ends, a pop-up will appear requesting the user to rate the call based on their experience. The caller will have to select the rating in the form of stars and indicate whether the call was made indoor, outdoor or while travelling. The application will help mobile phone users rate their experience about voice call quality in real time and help TRAI gather customer experience data along with Network data.

Callers can also provide additional details such as noise or audio delay and mark a call drop, if they believe that is how the call got terminated.

The issue of call drops has been impacting mobile subscribers since over a year. The situation, currently, has improved and there has been less instances of call drops. The regulator, government and telecom industry has been working together to address this issue. There have been stringent drive tests and automated call system initiatives to check the quality of mobile calls.

Besides, TRAI has also upgraded its ‘Do Not Disturb’ app with new features like an intelligent spam detection engine and updates about action taken on complaints within the app. Currently, there is a framework for DND registry that allows telecom subscribers to block unwanted communication from telemarketers. Reaching out to such subscribers can result in a heavy fine for telemarketers.

TRAI has also rolled out an update to its MySpeed app, which allows customers to measure 3G/4G data speeds and send the results to the regulator. In all, three new apps — Mycall app, MySpeed app and ‘Do not disturb (DND 2.0)’ app – have been launched.

MySpeed app will enable TRAI to obtain test-data from users in all service areas, without any action by the users. The crowdsourced data so collected can be viewed in aggregated form on the interactive map-based portal.

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