Sam Pitroda, the father of the Indian telecoms revolution, has launched Legacy Institute International – a long-range think tank focused on global change…

NEW DELHI, MAY 19, 2017: Sam Pitroda, the founding father of Indian telecoms, has launched Legacy Institute International, a global think tank and incubator that supports philanthropists, organizations, high net worth individuals and governments who want to help change the world.

The Legacy Institute is a community of CEOs, business owners, experts and legacy makers who aim to help like-minded people change the world and make history. Its mission is to guide and support people to build a living, enduring legacy that makes a massive impact on society, on an industry, on a country or internationally. Its global focus is based on the issues identified by the United Nations and local communities as the most complex and challenging issues facing humanity, and exploring how to solve them for the long term.


“Bearing in mind the imbalances in the current international situation, where there is no clarity as to where or how to move forward. Now we need new economic models focused on inclusion, employment, environment, education, health and peace and prosperity for all,” says Mr. Pitroda, the respected telecoms inventor, entrepreneur and policymaker and former advisor to the late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, and Dr Manmohan Singh.

Mr. Pitroda believes that a committed group of people with the resources and talent to tackle major national and international issues can work together with the Institute to find the most effective long-term and short-term solutions. Click here to see Mr Pitroda’s video message for global movement on Legacy.

“I am not involved in the Legacy Institute because of what I have done. I am interested in cooperation and collaboration with like-minded people to begin a global movement on Legacy at local, national and international level. Legacy Institute International is particularly interested to work with people who have the desire to change things on a large scale. People who have the generosity and also the courage to help others to move forward,” he says.

The Legacy Institute will work with successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists, as well as world leaders, says Mr Pitroda. “To work on changing the world you need people who have been successful and experienced. You need people who know what we need, how to execute and how the world works. People who say, “I know how it works. I know how to do it, I have done it before. And I want to change things.”’

Steven Sonsino, CEO of Legacy Institute International, says he has a question for potential legacy builders. ‘Is your best work behind you or is it ahead of you?’ ‘If your best work is ahead of you,’ says Professor Sonsino, ‘then it cannot be just GIVING but actually DOING it. Doing it with a group of people who are as passionate as you and who know how the thorniest issues around us get solved.’ Prof Sonsino, a bestselling author, has spent the last five years interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs and philanthropists and strongly believes that many philanthropic projects are falling short of making the impact they should be achieving.

Legacy Institute initiatives already include a legacy development program for entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and advisory programs for firms and governments. The Institute also publishes books and video documentaries.

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