Partner Program also Expands to Include Partner Impact Awards and the Enhancement of the Channel Program

Cloudera, the provider of the leading global platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies, has announced that it has expanded its already robust and successful Cloudera Connect Partner Program with the launch of a Cloudera Solutions Gallery, the addition of Cloudera Partner Impact Awards, and enhancements to the Cloudera Connect Channel Program.

With these expanded offerings, the Cloudera Connect Partner Program is better positioned than ever to help customers and partners fully utilize their current investments as well as to support building the next generation analytics platforms for data intensive workloads such as AI and machine learning.

Solutions Gallery: The Cloudera Solutions Gallery augments the expansive Cloudera partner ecosystem that includes more than 2,800 partners globally, with a storefront of more than 100 solutions. Both Cloudera and Cloudera Connect partners offer apps and solutions that align with the key business value drivers customers care about most: 1) Driving customer insights; 2) Improving product and services efficiencies; 3) Lowering business risk; and 4) Modernizing their architecture. Additionally, the Cloudera Solutions Gallery will showcase proof points of the joint efforts between Cloudera and Cloudera Connect partners across a multitude of horizontal and vertical business use cases.

“We’ve put a great deal of thought and work into these program additions and they underscore Cloudera’s commitment to its partner ecosystem, which expanded by 712 partners, or 33 percent, in 2016,” said Vishal Rao, senior vice president, Field Operations, Cloudera. “Customers are the ultimate and most important beneficiaries of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program, and we encourage our partners to submit for the Cloudera Partner Impact Awards. For those who haven’t yet joined, today there is even more reason to.”

Cloudera Partner Impact Awards

To better appreciate and honor its partners, Cloudera has launched the Cloudera Partner Impact Awards, which will consist of two categories: Best Solutions and Business Excellence.

Best Solutions — These awards will recognize Cloudera partners worldwide that create the most innovative solutions directly aligning with the top business value drivers.

Business Excellence — These awards will recognize both locally and globally the partners that achieve the highest impact in delivering business results. Cloudera Partner Impact Awards will open for submission on May 1, 2017 and the inaugural award ceremony will be held at the Cloudera Connect Partner Summit at Strata+Hadoop World in New York in September 2017.

Cloudera also has enriched its existing partner program with substantial enhancements to its channel partner program, which will offer even more ways for Cloudera Connect partners to work with Cloudera. The enhanced Partner Program will include added benefits for Channel partners.

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